Hey, here’s a tip for you if you’re having trouble getting your Home Sharing to work with your Apple devices.

When you’re in iTunes, you’d expect that you would turn on Home Sharing in preferences, like so:


Well, turns out that’s not enough. You have to sign in on your iOS device using the same Apple ID you use in iTunes. Okay, simple enough, right?

There’s no option on that iTunes screen to sign in (since I have recently upgraded my computer and had a fresh install of iTunes), so you’d expect this to work, right?


Nope, still not there. You have to find a special “Home Sharing” item under this “Music” menu on the main screen of iTunes (sorry, can’t get a better screenshot, since it magically disappears after clicking it and signing in using your Apple ID “for reals”).


Once I had found that option and signed in yet again, things started working (finally).

You’d think that the preferences screen where you turn Home Sharing on and off would have everything you’d need, right?

Update: I’ve learned today that “Sharing” and “Home Sharing” are two separate things. Sharing is for just sharing (streaming) your library with anyone on your home network. Home sharing is for sharing your library on your home network (sync and copy files for offline/disconnected use). In my case (since I’m sharing to an iPad), Home Sharing appears to only enable streaming to my iPad. Not sure how that’s different from classic sharing, but whatever…