So at home we’ve got 50mbps internet service from MStar on the UTOPIA network.  Having just returned from 2 years of missionary service, I gave it a test to see what 50mbps was like.  It wasn’t much faster than the Comcast cable internet we had before–that is until I figured out what our bottleneck was.

From computers behind our Netgear WGR614 router, I was only getting 6-9mbps download.  While I was at work one day thinking about the slow speeds, I figured it might be down to the router.  So when I got home, I plugged my laptop straight into the fiber router (or whatever that big thing is) and gave it another go.  Running another speedtest got me around 39mbps.  Not too bad!  (I figure that’s within the range of the 50mbps window.)

So I’ve replaced that Netgear router with the Linksys one we had around.  Now from behind the Linksys we’re getting around 19mbps.  I guess that’ll do for now. :)

Upload’s still a bit slow, though.  It’s supposed to be a symmetrical thing–50mbps up, 50mbps down.  Only getting about 9mbps max outside the router….  Perhaps we’ll be giving XMission a shot soon.  Hopefully in that case all those packets would be avoiding Qwest ‘s network and we’d get some lower latency.