Throughout this semester in my New Testament class at BYU, Dr. Holzapfel, our professor, has emphasized the theme of reversal that is demonstrated in many Gospels.  One examples of a reversal is contained in the narratives of the Woman at the Well and Nicodemus coming to ask questions of Christ during the night.  In this example, the Woman at the Well is the one to recognize and accept Christ as the Messiah, a reversal of thought that would have put the Nicodemus, a Jewish man as the one to have recognized Jesus’s deity.

Overall in the context of Jewish belief and tradition at the time of Christ, Christ’s fulfillment of his Messianic mission is an example of a reversal.  The Jews were expecting one who would come with power and free them from foreign rule and reign over the people.  They were expecting a man who was great in the eyes of the world.  When Christ came to earth, he came to humble circumstances.

I think we can find reversals in life today.  Sometimes we have these preconceived ideas about how someone is or how something should be, but what we might find out is that reality is totally different from what we thought.