Edit–So I guess the SharePoint Designer package does not include OneNote after all. I have no idea why I thought it did. The Ultimate Steal is still a pretty good deal. You could also sign up to be put on the Office 2010 Technical Preview Program and get a preview copy of the next version of Office. Just know it’s not finished software so it still has some polishing to be done.

Okay, guys, so I figured I’d start sharing more of my general computing knowledge online.  I basically learn all this stuff online so it never really occured to me to repost all the stuff I find, but perhaps this can serve as a little guide for someone.

If you’re a student like me, you might use OneNote to take notes in class on occasion.  I was lucky to get my copy for free through the MSDN Academic Alliance set up with my school, but  I’ve just been told that anyone can get a copy for free now by downloading Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer.

Microsoft just started giving away SharePoint Designer for free and you’ll notice that when you run the install and click “customize” you’ll see that it has OneNote as part of the package. So if you’re looking to get OneNote, this is a pretty nice deal.  (If you’d like, you can also choose not to install SharePoint Designer and only install OneNote.)

Download: SharePoint Designer

If you’re a student looking for a good deal on the fullness of the goodness that is Office, check out the Microsoft’s The Ultimate Steal program and pick up Office for $59.95 (retails for $379.99).  The Office Ultimate package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and other apps.  Not a bad deal.  While you’re there you’ll see that you can upgrade to Windows Vista Ultimate for $64.95 (retails for $184.49).