And now for a matter of great importance:

I thought I heard somewhere once upon a time that every game of Solitaire can be beat–that it just boils down to which card you choose to move when you have two cards that can be placed in the same spot. The endless “undo” option in the new version of Solitaire in Windows Vista and Windows 7 made me curious enough to do a web search. After not finding anything right off hand, I thought it out. (You might expect thinking to come before searching, but … I guess not.) Check it out:

An unbeatable game of Solitaire

Unless I’m totally overlooking something, with the cards dealt as shown (where card sets 1 and 2 are trapped face down in columns F and G), this game can’t be beat.

So that does it. After an hour of Photoshopping Solitaire cards (my wife didn’t actually make fun of me too much), I’ve managed to show that not every game of Solitaire is beatable.