I installed the newest version of Internet Explorer yesterday and got around to launching it today to be greated with this dialog:

Internet Explorer 8 Welcom

With all the nice graphics in Vista and the upcoming Windows 7 (which IE 8’s style seems to fit with), it’s a bit sad to see the Internet Explorer icon looking like it came out of Windows 98.  It looks like it’s a 256 color bitmap with its reflection cut off instead of faded.  Oops.

I haven’t used it much, but it seems to be pretty okay.  I’ve just recently switched to using one of the developer’s builds of Chrome (called Chromium) and am pretty satisfied with its speed and clean interface.

I read recently that Internet Explorer 8 might just be the last version of Internet Explorer using its own rendering engine named Trident.  Speculation is that they will switch to either WebKit or their own new engine named Gazelle. (see here)