I had another experience today that again increased my love for Google’s Chrome browser. I was trying to open a PDF for one of my school reading assignments, but the PDF viewer built into Chrome was unable to open the file (probably some sort of DRM or something in the file). Instead of just failing, like any other browser would do, Chrome offered to use the Adobe Reader plugin to open the file. I said “yes”, and then Chrome alerted me to the fact that my installation of Adobe Reader was out-of-date and vulnerable. (Yes, Adobe, your automatic updating system still sucks.) Chrome sent me to the download page for me to get the latest version before opening the file. What awesome service and attention to removing an attack surface from potential malware (it was homework, after all… :P). Things like this are why Chrome will pass Firefox soon as the second most popular browser (let’s face it, it could probably soon be considered the most popular browser if you could separate IE users into the “I don’t know what browser I use” group and the “I prefer IE” group–although I do prefer IE to Firefox for general browsing).