I’ve had my HP Touchpad for several months now, and I love it.  It was a great value, I use it a ton, and for a “dead” tablet, there’s actually a lot of work going on for it.  Today I just updated to the latest version of webOS (which was released overnight).  I’ve also got an alpha version of CyanogenMod 7 on there.  Dual booting two operating systems on a tablet–how cool is that?  And Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is not too far off.  I just got back from the Consumer Electronics Show, and I didn’t see a whole lot of stuff running Ice Cream Sandwich.  The only devices I saw were the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, the Asus Transformer Prime tablet, and some random off brand tablets (surprisingly).  Some other ports of ICS are becoming available for other tablets/phones, but it’s pretty cool that the Touchpad will be one of the first with a (mostly) working version of ICS.  Not too shabby for a product widely panned by reviewers.

And back to the reviewers–I think the Touchpad got a very bad wrap.  I actually really, really like webOS.  There are a few things that do get in the way of a flawless experience, but it is in my opinion a well polished and thoughtful interface for a tablet.  I’ve been switching between Gingerbread and webOS recently, and it’s a hard choice.  webOS is the better tablet interface, but Gingerbread’s got some better software (and, I have to admit, is faster at web browsing, etc).  I’ve been using Ice Cream Sandwich on my new Galaxy Nexus, and it’s super slick.  I’ll probably be leaving webOS behind (with a bit of a sad feeling) when it’s available on the Touchpad.

Another thing I’ve always been impressed by (and even more so this week after getting my new smartphone) is the battery life.  Sure the device is thicker, but I’m more than happy to have a thicker device with great battery life than to have the battery size cut down, giving me a device that I worry about using too much (I want to use my gadgets!).  Sure some devices/companies manage to get the best of both (Apple’s great at this), but if you can’t get both, give me battery life–it’s more important.  A thin tablet or cell phone with a dead battery is just a beautiful piece of plastic, glass, and silicon chips.

Thanks to the active Android community and the active webOS community, I’m sure my Touchpad will live on for many years (even if its later life is simply as some sort of in car touchscreen or remote or something).