Firefox with Extended Glass

Firefox with Aero Glass

I wanted my Firefox to look more integrated into Vista, so I did a bit of work and used a few extensions to get this effect. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to look similar:

Install Glasser.

Use the Compact Menu 2 extension to move your menu bar into an icon on the toolbar. I moved the little icon it creates onto the bookmarks toolbar.

Install Styler and use the following stylesheet (copy and paste). You could also throw this into your userChrome.css file, too.

#PersonalToolbar {
-moz-appearance: -moz-win-communications-toolbox !important;
padding: 2px 2px 3px 2px !important;

#PersonalToolbar .toolbarbutton-text {
color: #fff !important;
margin-bottom: 1px !important;

toolbarbutton.bookmark-item {
padding: 2px 6px !important;

That’s it!