What if Apple were to release a TV with resolution greater than 1080p?  Think about it: go to BestBuy today and what’s the best you can get?  1080p.  If you were to buy a set that was greater than 1080p made by Samsung or Panasonic, what content would you watch to take advantage of the extra resolution (I’m thinking about stuff in the 2K range here)?  Blu-ray’s not going to do it.  Cable and satellite don’t have it.  You’d need either a new disc format and/or upgraded distribution networks.  Or, you’d need the iTunes store.  Apple could work with movie studios to release extra-high-def versions of their films (many are mastered at 2K resolution) exclusively on iTunes.  Apple could build the hardware to decode that into the TV and could distribute the content, too.  No one seems to have a pervasive enough end-to-end channel to do that.  That would be cool.

(The extra resolution would be great for presentations, viewing digital photos, etc., too.)