So Hollywood wanted greater content protection, and they got it.  Why should consumers be burdened with Hollywood’s problem?  You can hardly watch Bluray movies with all the protection on those things.  There have been movies that we’ve rented that have been totally unwatchable because there wasn’t a “new enough” firmware for our modern player.  Consumers don’t care about the technical issues.  I understand them, but at the end of they day, if you can’t watch the movie, you can’t watch the movie.

Copy protection’s not the only thing wrong with Bluray. These new menus are kinda sucky for the most part.  Just because I have an HDTV doesn’t mean you should give me much smaller text than before.  And what’s with these unskippable previews?  Whose television and device is it?  The movie might be your property licensed to me for my viewing, but it’s my TV.  Stop forcing unwanted extras on me.

It’s no wonder that adoption of Bluray is slower than Hollywood would like.  I’m starting to think that the mastering/quality of normal DVDs has been reduced in order to make Bluray  more attractive.  What a burden of a technology.  Steve Jobs killed Flash.  Hopefully his vision will continue on long enough to kill Bluray.