So, Comcast messed up on my final bill. (Sigh–why does every big communications company do this?)  Anyhow.  I took two approaches to try and get some help on the bill via their chat support.  I went angry in the first chat session.  The second time around, I was more polite and tried to use more clear reasoning.

The second chat session ended much better.


My Issue: I received a new bill after paying my final balance in the retail store over a month ago.

user Timothy has entered room

analyst Asuncion has entered room

Asuncion: Hello Timothy_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Asuncion. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Asuncion: Hello! It’s my pleasure to have you on chat today. I’m looking forward to assist you.

Asuncion: How are you, Timothy?

Me: Not too happy to receive an erroneous bill, unfortunately.

Asuncion: Oh! I would like to personally apologize for the hassle that you have gone through just to contact us with regard to your concern. Since you have me on chat, I will be more than glad to do the best I can to assist you today.

Asuncion: I understand the situation and I will do what I can to get this done for you. Let me pull up the account so we can check.

Asuncion: Please give me 1-2 minutes to pull up the account.

Me: Okay.

Asuncion: Thank you.

Asuncion: I have your account pulled up.

Asuncion: So I can better assist you, do you mind if I ask a few questions?

Me: Sure

Asuncion: Thank you.

Asuncion: To protect your account from unauthorized access, would you please provide me with the last 4 digits of your social security number?

Me: ****

Asuncion: Excellent! Thank you for that information.

Asuncion: I am now checking on the account.

Asuncion: While I am checking may I know if how much charge are you seeing, Timothy?

Me: $11.37

Asuncion: Thank you for providing that information.

Asuncion: Is it okay to ask for 2 to 3 minutes to check?

Me: Go ahead.

Asuncion: Thank you.

Asuncion: Thank you for patiently waiting.

Asuncion: As I checked here, the account is indeed a total remaining balance of $11.37. And I see here that the service was disconnected last 08/13/14, and the bill has stopped last 08/13. And as we can see on the bill, there was a previous balance of 106.30, but the bill was stopped last 08/13, thus the bill was adjusted and there was a prorated credit of -$94.93 (106.30 – 94.93 = 11.37)

Me: As I’m no longer able to sign in to my Xfinity account page, can you please provide me with details on the previous balance, total amount due, and service dates for each of my last three bills?

Me: And the date on the bill

Asuncion: Yes, sure. Please allow me to type the information.

Asuncion: The bill of $106.30 includes two bills for the billing cycle of 08/08 – 09/07 for the charge of $50.86 and 09/08 – 10/07 for the bill of $$60.36, and there was a payment of -4.92 last 08/26/14. (50.86 – 4.92 = 45.94) (45.94 + 60.36 = 106.30)

Me: Okay, can you provide the two bills prior to that as well, please?

Asuncion: Sure.

Asuncion: The bill of $27.27 for billing cycle of 06/08 – 07/07 and charge of $51.21 for the billing cycle of 07/08 – 08/07. And there was a payment posted -27.27 last 06/14/14.

Me: I think that last payment was an adjustment of some sort

Me: So the $60.36 bill for 9/8 – 10/7 should never have existed because I had already canceled service several weeks prior. So I’ll ignore that and assume it should be $0.

Asuncion: Yes, I understand, Timothy. As we can see on the final bill, the bill was adjusted last 8/13, that is why the bill has a -$94.93 prorated credit. The bill was adjusted for 56 days, from 08/14 until 10/07.

Me: The prior bill for $50.86 (8/8 – 9/7) is for service beyond my cancellation date. That’s 31 days. I used 6 days there, so that should be $50.86/31 days = $1.64 per day prorated * 6 days of service (8/8 – 8/13) = $9.84. I paid $4.92 (which is what I was told would be the prorated amount and shown on their computer screen in the store that it brought my account to a $0 balance). Leaving me with another $11.37 in charges is surely inaccurate (the numbers do not add up). Can you explain why the amount I paid in the store does not match your final numbers and why the amount I just calculated also does not match?

Asuncion: Okay, I understand how you feel. The prorated charge is not matched its maybe because the charges were calculated excluding the taxes.

Asuncion: Rest assured that the bill has stopped last 08/.

Asuncion: *08/13.

Me: Okay, what would the taxes be on the 6 days’ of service (8/8-8/13)?

Me: I can’t imagine the taxes are over 100% of the charges. (They said I owed $4.92. If I actually owed $16.29 at that point, that’s a 331% tax.)

Asuncion: As much as I would love to provide the charges for taxes, however we do not have the exact calculation for taxes.\

Me: Well, if you can’t explain to me why I’m being charged a total of $16.29 for 6 days of service that should have been $1.64 per day, then your bill is completely invalid to me.

Asuncion: If we can check the final bill. we can see the details of the bill.

Me: I don’t want to be sent to collections over your billing mistake.

Asuncion: I understand how you feel, Timothy. I’m a customer myself would always want my bills to be exact.

Me: What are you going to do to fix this bill or fully explain the charges?

Asuncion: Let me explain further the bills.

Asuncion: Since the account has total bill of $106.30 for two billing cycles (08/08 – 09/07 and 09/08 – 10/07) Since Comcast bills one month in advance. And also the account was disconnected last 08/13, thus the bill had stopped last 08/13, and it was adjusted. From 08/13 until 10/07.

Asuncion: Let me calculate the charges.

Me: Please do, thanks.

Asuncion: Still calculating here, Timothy.

Asuncion: And since there is 56 days from 08/13 to 10/07. And the monthly bill on the account is $49.99. (49.99 / 30 days in a month x 56 = 93.31)

Asuncion: And taxes is still excluded in the calculation since we do not have calculation for the taxes.

Me: The 8/8 – 9/7 bill was for 31 days, not 30.

Asuncion: The total credit on the account is $$94.93.

Asuncion: (160.36 – 94.93 = $11.37)

Me: The bill after that should never have existed, so let’s not even calculate that because if it was erroneously issued, should have been 100% prorated.

Me: I have a calculation for the taxes right here. Let me provide them to you. $-1.11 Franchise fee

Me: $-0.19 for the state sales tax

Me: $-1.96 for the excise tax

Me: that’s on this final bill

Asuncion: The bill was already adjusted if when the bill was disconnected.

Asuncion: Yes, Timothy. I also see that here, however, final bill is already generated by the system.

Me: I’m telling you that your math is wrong. The entirety of the $60.36 should be prorated to $0.

Me: The other bill for $50.86 should be prorated from 31 days down to 6. That would be $9.84. I’ve already paid $4.92 of that.

Asuncion: And as much as I would love to correct the charges and calculation however, the account is already disconnected and for disconnected account only our Customer Solution can make changes for the charges.

Me: You can’t keep billing me for months in which I did not have service and then use the days of those month to artificially create a higher per-day prorated amount and then charge me based off that amount.

Me: How can I contact that department in writing? Why am I chatting with you if you can’t do anything for me?

Asuncion: Yes, I see here, there was a payment posted of $4.92/

Me: So, if anything, I might owe you another $4.92… Not $11.37.

Asuncion: I am just providing the information is what is stated on the account, Timothy. We can call them at 1-800-9346489.

Asuncion: And I will also make notation here on the account so when you make a call it will be a free flowing process and you wont have to repeat yourself.

Me: No, please provide me a mechanism to communicate with you in writing

Asuncion: Rest assured that everything has been noted in your account with regard to your request today so that when you contact the number it will go smoothly and conveniently.

Me: I will not sit on the phone and not have a transcription of our communications from this point forward.

Me: I refuse to pay anything you cannot justify to me on a granular level. You cannot provide me with complete details about the billing amounts, which is very suspicious.

Asuncion: I apologize for that, Timothy. And I am afraid to inform that our Customer Solution can only be reach through phone. And not a problem, every information that I provided is on the account.

Me: It is a problem. How can I prove what you tell me if it’s over the phone?

Asuncion: I already calculated the charges the bill.

Asuncion: And if we can only check the bill, we can see the calculation.

Me: But you have not addressed my concerns about the method of prorating that amount.

Asuncion: And I believe that you have your bill handy.

Me: I believe your prorating is incorrect.

Asuncion: Okay, I apologize for that.

Me: You’ve already provided me with wrong information at a retail outlet and I was unable to get printed confirmation in store that I had paid in full. Why don’t you guys do anything in writing? It’s all really suspicious.

Me: Oriented toward eliminating a paper trail.

Me: Can you please provide me with an address (email or physical) where I can send a letter to dispute these charges? Then I’ll be out of your hair.

Asuncion: I understand your concern, Timothy and as much I would love to correct however we do not have an access.

Asuncion: We can also visit our Local office.

Me: This is unbelievably frustrating. Given recent press, though, it’s not surprising… Okay, well, when I phone I’ll be recording the conversation. Utah is a one party consent state, so I won’t need to tell them that on the phone anyhow, but just want you to know. Thanks.

Me: Where is the local office?

Asuncion: Please visit in 12179 South State StDraper, UT 84095Or you can call them at 800-266-2278. They are available every Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM-7:00PM. Closed Sunday .

Me: Please do not give me the address to the old office in Lindon that has closed down their customer service area. I’ve already driven there to return my cable card only to find they cannot help me there.

Me: Okay, thanks.



Maria Cristina: Hello Tim_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Maria Cristina. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Me: My Issue: I’d like to review my final bill.

Maria Cristina: Thank you for contacting Comcast. This is Maria. How can I help you today, Tim?

Me: Hi Maria, I’d like to review my final bill. Can I take a moment to explain the background?

Maria Cristina: I’ll personally see to it that your concern is best addressed.I hope you are doing fine.

Me: Thank you. So prior to canceling my service, I was up-to-date on my payments through the end of the service period August 7th.

Me: I had already been billed $50.86 for the service period August 8th – Sepember 7th (31 days). So far so good?

Maria Cristina: Okay, let me also pull up your account Tim

Me: Okay. The last 4 SSN is ****.

Maria Cristina: Also, while waiting for the system to generate your account details, please allow me to share to you a Comcast feature that you can benefit from. Comcast has an extensive series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) online that cover all of our products. You do not have to sign in to access the FAQs. Quick steps to do it…Open a web browser window and go to this link

Maria Cristina: Thanks!

Me: I keep getting interesting messages that the chat server is unavailable. Are you still there?

Maria Cristina: Sorry, its that time of the day.. system maintenance

Maria Cristina: and upgrades. But im still here

Me: Great, thanks. Let me know when you’re ready.

Me: Did I provide the correct account details for you to locate my account?

Maria Cristina: Yes, thank you for waiting

Maria Cristina: I have the account here now

Me: Okay, can you see that I was fully paid through August 7th?

Me: And that a bill was sent for August 8th – September 7th for $50.86?

Me: (Which would be for 31 days of service.)

Maria Cristina: balance for August 8th – September 7th is 50.86

Maria Cristina: You paid $4.92

Me: Okay, great. That is 31 days, then. So $50.86/31days = $1.64/day

Me: Yes, hold on, though, please.

Me: I cancelled service on August 13th, which is 6 days into that bill, correct?

Me: So, I was fully paid through August 7th. And August 8th – 13th is 6 days at $1.64 / day, I should expect my final bill to be $9.84, correct?

Me: I paid $4.92 (what a service rep at your retail outlet told me was the correct prorated amount). That should leave an additional $4.92 on the account, correct?

Me: (I paid $4.92 when I returned my equipment on August 27th.)

Me: Does all of that add up for you?

Me: It’s been a several minutes since I’ve heard from you. Are you still there?

Maria Cristina: Yes, so sorry for the delay in my response

Maria Cristina: Okay, the final bill amount is $11.37

Maria Cristina: this is already the prorated charges credits for the days you did not use the services but was billed applied

Me: Please tell me if what I outlined above makes sense to you and is correct.

Me: Because the amount I outline above is different from the amount you just told me, so somewhere there is a discrepancy.

Maria Cristina: Okay, have you gotten the statement yet? for the final bill?

Me: Yes and the amount is what you just told me. But, as I outline above, appears to be incorrect.

Maria Cristina: So the discrepancy is about $6, right?

Me: $6.45, yes.

Me: Or $11.37, if we assume they did the correct thing when I paid what was supposed to be my final payment in the store.

Maria Cristina: Okay, you will pay for $6.45 today?

Me: I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand the question.

Maria Cristina: Im asking if you will be making payment for the final amount which is as computed should be $6.45

Maria Cristina: I think Im confused too

Maria Cristina: Its been a long day, sorry about that!@

Me: Okay, take a minute if you need to and review my calculations above.

Maria Cristina: As I understand, what you should be paying for , for the final amount , for your account is $4.92, becasue you already paid for $4.92

Maria Cristina: So I should credit the discrepancy which is $6.45

Me: I was told in the store that I only owed $4.92 for my final payment, which I paid there on the spot. So I feel that I should owe $0. If they calculated wrong, then I should only owe $4.92, not $11.37. So, yes, $6.45 discrepancy.

Me: In reality, since I was told I had paid in full, I feel that you should be billing me anything.

Me: *should not

Maria Cristina: At that time, the final charges was not posted, so the computation at the local office was not accurate.. how about I credit you the $6.45 and you can pay for the $4.92?

Maria Cristina: I’ve computed so its about the correct amount

Me: How about we credit the full amount since I’ve just spent several hours figuring this out and chatting with you and one other support representative?

Me: Or maybe I should send you guys a bill for my time to correct your billing mistake.

Maria Cristina: Lol, alright, it within the credit that I can apply anyways.

Me: Cool, thanks!

Maria Cristina: for your trouble and all


Maria Cristina: Would you mind if I put you on hold for 3 minutes while I work on this for you?

Me: Yup!

Maria Cristina: Thanks!

Me: As soon as you let me know it’s done (and provide a confirmation # if available), I’ll be off leaving you a great review and let you get on to your other chats. (I hope you don’t have to work too much longer!)

Me: (I’ve done this chat support thing. It’s certainly stressful to have a bunch going on all at once and whatnot.)

Maria Cristina: Thanks! I would appreciate that.

Maria Cristina: I can just give you a request id number or my op iod number or you can print out this transcript

Me: I’ll print this out. Just tell me my final balance is now $0.00 and I’m good to go.

Maria Cristina: Great! I’ve processed the credit

Maria Cristina: No more final balance

Me: $0.00?

Maria Cristina: It will be $0.00 after 24 hours, when the credit posts

Maria Cristina: Please give the system time to update with the credit

Maria Cristina: Yeah, $0 amount

Me: Awesome. Thank you so much!

Maria Cristina: You are most welcome.

Me: Have a great night.

Maria Cristina: Thank you for the patience, I had a great time assisting you. Do you have any other Comcast related concerns for me Tim?

Me: Nope, thanks!

Maria Cristina: Oh and please click on “EXIT CHAT” and click the “TAKE OUR SURVEY” button. thanks!

Maria Cristina: Enjoy the rest of the night, take care!